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Epson adjustment program:  how to Using Any Epson Inkjet Model Printer Now you are troubled with the Epson printer errors and now your decision to fix the resetter program to your printer many of people don’t know how to fix this program here we explain the simple steps now you follow the given steps ….

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How to Reset Epson Any Model Printer Waste Ink Pad Counter 

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Now you do the first step to fix them or reset the resetter

The first step you can download the file

And extract the file now open it Adjprog.exe

Next, select the particular adjustment mode

After now you choose the printer model name or series

Select the waste ink pad counter on the particular adjustment mode

You can select the “main pad counter”

and now press the check button next

showing the reading now

the box that shows the result now

you just click the ok button after showing the dialogue box

Final please “turn off your printer” click the ok button

You’re successfully completed to reset your Epson printer

Now you follow the above steps and easily reset the Epson printer

Resetter Tools for Epson Ink Jet Printers Waste Ink Pad Resetting


Types Of resetters

  1. WIC Reset Utility Tool
  2. Reset Key Tool Software
Get Free Epson adjustment program All Models

Epson L110-L210-L300-L350-L355 – 

Epson L130-220-310-360-365 – 

single-function Epson L800 – L805 – L810 – L850 

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Epson M100 – M105 –

New Epson M200 – M205 Serice Resetters

all in one Epson L380 – L381 – L385- L485 

Epson T13 – T30 – T33 – T50 – T60 

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