Windows 8.1 Activation With KMS Activator

Windows 8.1 KMS Activator: KMS activator auto it’s the perfect and the best legitimate method of Windows activation it’s designed by Microsoft Office itself to activate the corporate office products Activator for Windows 8.1 activate on your Windows it requires phone activation or no keys and it has the small flaws and there is on licensed Windows 8.1 no need spend money

Windows 8.1 using KMS activator Download

To download the KMS Auto activator for Windows 8.1 click here ……….

KMS auto activator: KMS auto activator it’s for the operating systems for Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 and it’s the server Microsoft Office 2008, 20012 and Microsoft Windows 2010 operating system activates on it

Windows 8.1 KMS activator

How to activate the KMS auto activator for Windows 8.1

  • Now you go to the start screen
  • And press the windows + r keys
  • Next type the on the Run box Slue 3
  • And press the enter button next to enter your product key after pressing the enter
  • A final click on the activate button
  • Now you successfully activate the KMS auto activator

Now you can follow the above information and you will easily activate the KMS activator for Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 KMS activator


 In this way, you have to do the first thing to download and install the KMS auto activator

  • The first step you can download the KMS auto activator
  • Next, Unzip the file
  • Now you have to click to run the KMS auto net .exe
  • Here you can see the options Activate button
  • You can choose the activation button to activate the windows
  • After your wait for minutes, the activation successfully takes a place
  • Now you can see in the dialog box Task Scheduler
  • Click the yes button here the activation will be successful and automatically update
  • Next, you can use it as it is

Windows 8.1 KMS activator

Now you’ve successfully completed downloading and installation process to the KMS AUTO activator

To download new  versions of KMS Auto activator for Windows or Microsoft Office operating systems and 32-bit or 64 bit now click the given below link

KMS    activator version 10.0.02 for download click here …..

KMS    auto activator version 1.3.5 for download click here ……

Auto activator KMS    version 1.5.1 for download click here ……

KMS    auto activator version 1.5.3 for download click here ……

Windows 8.1 KMS activator